Horseshoe Casino

Job Name: Horseshoe Casino
Job Location: Cincinnati, OH
GC: Messer Construction
Architect: Freidmutter Group
Approx. SF: Structural Glass System. SSG Curtain Wall System. Decorative tubes both Aluminum and Stainless Steel. Rainscreen in both Aluminum Composite Panel and Plate Panel systems. Custom Glass Handrails. Custom Stainless Steel Doors and Entries. Custom Light-box integration.
Major Systems Used: Pilkington PLANAR System @ Glass Cube. Reynobond ACM material @ Fascia and Soffits. EFCO @ Captured and SSG Curtain Wall areas.
Sector: Gaming/Convention
Notes: We worked close with the design team to come up with alternative ways to lower costs without jeopardizing the aesthetic value of the project. We have found that one of the benefits of carrying multiple scopes on a single project is the ease of coordination and cohesiveness in detailing at the transitional elements.