SMU Residential Commons

Job Name: SMU Residential Commons
Job Location: Dallas, TX
GC: Beck Group
Architect: KSQ
Approx. SF: Aluminum windows. Aluminum entrance doors. Aluminum storefront. Aluminum curtain wall. Electrochromatic glass. Full interior scope.
Major Systems Used. EFCO 6711 windows. EFCO 5600 curtain wall. EFCO 433 storefront. EFCO D518 doors. Glass = 1” PPG Solarban 70XL. Miscellaneous interior specialties.
Notes: This seven building complex is a monumental project in the Dallas. Sequencing and scheduling of seven buildings with a relatively small project footprint was a challenge! This project included approximately 3,500 square feet of View Glass (formally Soladigm) electrochromatic glass on the Dining Commons. We are excited to bring cutting edge technology to such a staple project for SMU and Dallas!