University of Wisconsin – Biochemistry

Job Name: University of Wisconsin – Biochemistry
Job Location: Madison, Wisconsin
GC: J.H. Findorff & Son Inc.
Architect: Flad Architects
Approx. SF: Captured curtain wall with custom caps and trims, Aluminum sunshades, custom aluminum brake metal fins, custom pyramid glass skylights, standard entrance doors, stainless steel balanced doors, all glass entrance doors, all glass automatic sliding entrance doors, Full interior scope including a custom ¼” frosted mirror decorative wall on floors 1-5.
Major Systems Used: FM Graham 2507 series curtain wall, Doralco custom aluminum sunshades, ASI custom aluminum .125” thick brake metal fins, Ellison Bronze balanced doors, Imperial Structures pyramid skylights, Skyline Design custom decorative glass, PPG Solarban 70XL exterior glazing with various frit patterns.
Sector: Education
Notes: The curtain wall on this project steps out at floors 2 and 5, making it very challenging to integrate the custom sunshades and fins into the framing. As a team, we were able to successfully achieve this complicated design through months of coordination meetings.