UTD Bioengineering

Job Name:  UTD Bioengineering
Job Location:  Richardson, TX
GC:  Beck Group
Architect:  ZGF/Page


The 220,000-square-foot UT Dallas Bioengineering and Sciences Building, completed in January 2016, will provide research space for 70 faculty members and their staff members and graduate students, along with teaching laboratories for undergraduate majors in these fields. In addition to providing the home for UT Dallas programs in bioengineering and neuroscience, the facility will provide additional research space for related programs in biology, physics, chemistry and electrical and mechanical engineering.


The project consists of 80,000 square feet of 4-sided SSG carrier curtain wall system at typical elevations and spandrel screen wall, 1,000 lineal feet of 10” deep vertical aluminum knife blades, 10,000 square feet of various projection custom aluminum sunshades, 1,000 lineal feet of ½” low-iron tempered glass railing and 13,000 square feet of 1/2″ clear tempered glass installed into custom interior aluminum framing.